and the Moiliili Japanese Cemetery Beautification Project

Recording names and measurements of the monuments at the Moiliili Japanese Cemetery.

Honors 291S – The City as Text – Reading Moiliili

The members of 
UH Honors 291S – The City as Text – Reading Moiliili course have extensively gathered data from the  hundreds of gravestones in the Moiliili Japanese Cemetery. The intent of this primary source research is to make available to the general public information about individuals that now reside in the cemetery. It will also include data for students and scholars of this community.

Honors Seminar Research

Additional research:

The Torii at Triangle Park



 Do Businesses in Moiliili Serve Students' Needs?

Demonstration: righting a monument

Research and translations at the Moiliili Community Center (with June Hirai Matsumoto and MCC Seniors).

At the Japanese Cultural Center Hawaii Resource Center.

Japanese Prefectures Acknowledged in Section A of the Moiliili Japanese Cemetery

Flower Motifs in Section A

Birth Year Analysis of Section A

Infant Mortality in Section A

Rubbing of a monument

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Members of Honors 291S
—The City as Text—Reading Moiliili—

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