B032 Tobara, a big clan with several generations, has a new pillowstone added with the names Yoshiaki (d. 2013) and Shizue (d. 2017) on it, plus "100th Battalion, Company B" under Yoshiaki's name.

B067 Irei, Yujo and Guzu, had a rough life, losing 3 daughters and 2 sons, all listed in Japanese on the rear of the stone. Their second son, Yuko ['Have-happiness'], whose romanized name and date of death is also listed on the pedestal, died in 1940 at the age of 22, perhaps as a Japanese soldier fighting in China.

B102 Toma family haka lists the place of birth of each of the many kids (and their local daughter-in-law Lahela). Two of their sons died in 1943, one younger one born in Okinawa and one older one born in Hawai‘i. The mother died in 1941 and the father in 1945, possibly in Okinawa.

B142 Tome family from Okinawa has Tomei (the Japanese pronunciation of their kanji) carved on the pedestal, and has a new family member added who spells his name Tomi.

The S.S. Shunyo Maru arrived in Honolulu on 5 February 1920. Three Japanese passengers died on that ship and their wives arranged for them to be buried in the Mo‘ili‘ili Japanese Cemetery. The passenger manifests for that voyage show all six names crossed out.

B346 Kobayashi, Masaki and his wife Mizuho, from Nagano were on board, bound for Arizona. Masaki, 34, died on 5 February 1920 and his wife erected the tombstone for him.

B349 Kubo, Naoichi and wife Megumi, from Hiroshima were on board. Naoichi, 42, died on 3 February 1920 aboard the Shunyo-maru and his wife erected the tombstone for him.

B411 Furuichi, Manzo, and his wife "Yei" (now Ei, also read Sakae), from Gifu (in the "Japanese Empire" as written on his haka) were bound for Colorado via San Francisco. Manzo’s date of death is 12 February 1920, the day the Shunyo Maru arrived in SF.

There are three Korean names on the tombstones:

B444 Inouye Naojiro's wife Ichi died in 1911 at Inchon, Korea (in Japanese called Jinsen, Chosen). His daughter Hanayo died the year before.

B525 Lee has a minimal listing in the Korean alphabet on the makai side, but fuller details in kanji on the mauka side. Both sides have "Chosenjin" (Korean) across the top of the stone. Lee was from Gyeonggi-do (Capital Province), and his date of death is given on one side of the stone as 1916 in the Western calender and on the other as 4249 in the traditional Korean calendar, which counts from the reign of Tangun/Dangun in 2333 BC, one-upping the traditional Japanese calendar, which counts from the reign of Emperor Jimmu in 660 BC.

B714 for Kim Won Koo's mother (d. 1915) also has some Korean writing on the side of the stone.

                                --Joel Bradshaw

Alphabetical Listing for Section B

323 Abrita Arsino
225e Agena Debra Naomi
195h Agena Haruko, f
111f Agena Hideo, m
111d Agena Isami, m
195i Agena Isamu, m
195c Agena Kama, m
111b Agena Kamato, mother
225b Agena Kame, wife
195f Agena Katsu, m
225c Agena Lawrence Z.
195d Agena Mainu, f
111e Agena Naomi, f
195g Agena Nobu, m
195a Agena Shotoku, m
111c Agena Taro, m
195b Agena Uto, f
225d Agena Virginia Tomei
225a Agena Yamato, husb
195e Agena Yoshiko, f
111a Agena Family Sanra, father
249 Agena/Nakasone/Shimabukuro Family Matsusuke
657Bb Aibe ?-taro (on left side)
184e Ajimine Hiroshi
184d Ajimine Kamato
184a Ajimine Katherine Tomiye
184c Ajimine Matsu
184b Ajimine Richard Masaichi
147h Ajimura Eiyo
147i Ajimura Franklin Sadahiko
147f Ajimura Kinjuro
147c Ajimura Kumaichi
147a Ajimura Miki
147d Ajimura Mitsuo
147e Ajimura Noboru
147g Ajimura Sadao
147j Ajimura Stanley Takayuki
147b Ajimura Takaichi
498b Akimoto Kokichi
498e Akimoto Kosaku (Koshak)
498c Akimoto Rokuemon
498a Akimoto Tamezo
498d Akimoto Tora
706a Akutagawa Gonroku
706c Akutagawa Kimiko Akutagawa Manabe
706b Akutagawa Kitsu
586B Amano ?-shiro
547 Aoki Chuichi's 4th dau Yukino
85b Arakaki Goze 
122b Arakaki Hana
122c Arakaki Masao
122d Arakaki Takashi Arakaki
85c Arakaki Takejiro
122a Arakaki Family Toko
124 Arakaki Family
85a Arakaki Family Generations Tokusuke
485d Arakawa Fusae, twin
485a Arakawa Genzo
485b Arakawa Ine
485f Arakawa Mack M.
485c Arakawa Montaro, twin
485e Arakawa Tomie
81b Araki Kaname
81d Araki Sachi, wife
81c Araki Sunao, husb
81a Araki Family Shikazo
219 Arita Yoshie
445b Asahara Masajiro
353 Asamura Kasuke
17Bg Asato Hideo
97b Asato Kame
99b Asato Kame
17Bh Asato Katherine
97d Asato Kitoku
17Bf Asato Masu
17Be Asato Nae
17Bd Asato Saburo
57Ab Asato Shigeru
99d Asato Tomie
97e Asato Tsuruko
17Bc Asato Usa
17Bb Asato Ushi
97c Asato Yeihan
99c Asato Yoshiko
17Ba Asato Ancestors Usei
57Aa Asato Family Sally Yasuko
97a Asato Family Yeiki
99a Asato Family Ancestors Yeisho
238 Azama Family (no other names)

407 Buddhist name only
202 Buddhist names husb & wife

509 Chadani/Saya Fusa
274j Chinen Betty K. Naka
237c Chinen Chiyo
274i Chinen George M.
19b Chinen Hatsuyo Fujita
104c Chinen Hide
237b Chinen Hiroshi
274k Chinen Jane Sachie Allen
237d Chinen Kama
237a Chinen Kame
274b Chinen Kame
274f Chinen Kame
274d Chinen Makato
274a Chinen Matsu
274g Chinen Matsue
274h Chinen Naomi
274l Chinen Shigenobu Naka
104b Chinen Shizuko
110b Chinen Teruo
274e Chinen Yoshiaki
104d Chinen Yoshiko
274c Chinen Yoshio
110a Chinen Family Kamesuke
19a Chinen Family Taro
104a Chinen Family Taru
331 Chiya Ai, infant girl
333a Chiya Masanobu, father
330b Chiya Masunosuke
333b Chiya Matsue, mother
332 Chiya Megumi
330a Chiya Shikae
338 Choki Inokichi

31d Dawson Joann Sayoko
31c Dawson Raymond Gerald

194a Egami Kumata, husb
194b Egami Sue, wife
701bb Eji Kumaichi
701ba Eji son

16c Enokawa Chiemi

16a Enokawa Seitei
16b Enokawa Shizue

395b Fujimoto his son Robert K.
659A Fujimoto Mitsuyo
395a Fujimoto Shintaro
279 Fujimoto T. = Takeji
258b Fujinaka Asao, wife
258c Fujinaka Sakae
258a Fujinaka Seihachi, husb
414 Fujinaka Seiichi
19d Fujita Gregory Guy
275 Fujita Riyo, mother
303a Fujita Tokizo
19c Fujita Family George Yuichi
303c Fujita-Nobuji Kimiko
541b Fukuda Aki
688 Fukuda Chujiro
541i Fukuda Ethel Sadako
541g Fukuda Kameji
541e Fukuda Otosuke
157a Fukuda Rikizo, husb
157b Fukuda Saku, wife
541c Fukuda Seigoro
541d Fukuda Tadashi
541a Fukuda Tokusaburo
541h Fukuda Toshito
541f Fukuda Tsuruichi
520 Fukuhara (illegible)
235a Fukuhara Choki
235b Fukuhara Yuriko
141 Fukuhara Family Ancestor Generations Kaneyoshi? (兼祥) on side
187b Fukumitsu Clara Yukiko
187a Fukumitsu Samuel Sadao
173e Fukumoto Ethel Chiyome
173b Fukumoto Isao
256a Fukumoto Iwakuma
173a Fukumoto Junji
256c Fukumoto Kinu
173c Fukumoto Kumesaburo, husb
256e Fukumoto Michiko
256d Fukumoto Miyoko
256b Fukumoto Shizu
173d Fukumoto Tatsu, wife
436a Fukunaga Hisayo 
655 Fukunaga Kiichi
436b Fukunaga Tomiko
576Aa Fukunaga Tsuruichi, husb
576Ab Fukunaga Yasu, wife
521 Fukushima Mantaro
473 Fukuzaki Ichisaburo
636e Furuichi Hideo
636a Furuichi Keihachi
411 Furuichi Manzo
636b Furuichi Momoyo
636f Furuichi Noboru
636d Furuichi Raymond T.
636c Furuichi Shoso
327 Furushima Kijiro
645 Furuzuki/Kogetsu Fukuzo

183e Gibo Daniel Takeo
183b Gibo Francine Yoshiko, wife
183c Gibo James Kenichi
183d Gibo Jerry Kamekichi
183a Gibo Kamesuke, husb
143 Gibo Family (no names)
185b Gima Kama
11b Gima Kame
185c Gima Kiyoshi
185a Gima Shikisei
11a Gima Family Buko
638b Goda Misue
638c Goda Nancy Yasuko Hirakawa
638a Goda Sukejiro
177a Goshikoma T/4 R.S. Goshikoma, C.I.C. Det. 11th Air Bn.
36e Goto Family Gary Akio Isono
36d Goto Family Mildred Masayo Goto
36c Goto Family Yoshiro Goto
222c Goya Charles K.
209d Goya Hiroshi
209c Goya Kame
209e Goya Kamejiro
209a Goya Kana
222e Goya Karen Sachiko
222a Goya Kazo
209h Goya Kiyoko
222b Goya Maka
209b Goya Seizen
209f Goya Shozen
209g Goya Uto
222d Goya Yuriko
482 granite stone
177b Gusukuma Gagyu
177c Gusukuma Yone

226 Hamabata T. (no other names or dates)
393c Hamada Genko (Phantom Light) mizuko (miscarriage)
556Ab Hamada Joichi
556Ac Hamada Kiku
556Ad Hamada Mizuko
393b Hamada Shirayuki (White Snow) baby girl
556Aa Hamada Yoshi Uyeda
658f Hamai Kenneth Tokio
658c Hamai Kiyoko
658e Hamai Sadako Oda
658a Hamai Saichiro
658d Hamai Sharie Sueko
658b Hamai Toki
375 Hamamoto ?'s 4th son Makoto (kanji err)
496 Hamasaki Yataro's wife Kiku
666 Hanamoto Mitsuzo's wife Natsu
603A Hanatani/Hanaya Kumaji's 1st dau Kiyoko
312b Handa Shiro, husb
312a Handa Soneyo, wife
445a Harada ?-o
403 Harada Chika
572 Harada U. = Umekichi
585g Harbottle Blanche Y.
25 Hasegawa Family William Kanpei
304a Hayama Jinzuchi
304c Hayama Kimiko
304f Hayama Mitsuko
304b Hayama Raku
304d Hayama Sadao
304e Hayama Yoshiko
707c Hayashi Asako
707l Hayashi Craig
388 Hayashi Daikichi/Oyoshi
707d Hayashi Eitaro
707k Hayashi Frances Y.
707f Hayashi Fusae
581D Hayashi G. = Gisaburo/Kisaburo
707j Hayashi George M.
707e Hayashi Hitoshi
707b Hayashi Hyozaburo
432 Hayashi Kanjiro's wife Tsuru
707h Hayashi Michiko
707g Hayashi Rokuro
374 Hayashi Sato, f
707a Hayashi Tokuzaemon
707i Hayashi Yasuko
165j Higa Barbara
240d Higa Beatrice Toshiko
165h Higa Dianne M.
100d Higa Esther T.
17Ab Higa Fumiko
92b Higa Fusako, dau
217c Higa Haruko
165g Higa Hitoshi
92d Higa Imi, mother
165b Higa Kama
231b Higa Kama
575b Higa Kama
633Ab Higa Kama
198a Higa Kama, husb
100b Higa Kamado
165c Higa Kamado
231d Higa Kame
240c Higa Kame
231a Higa Kamekichi
240a Higa Kamekichi
210b Higa Kameko 
250d Higa Kamiko
217a Higa Kanako
98b Higa Kaoru
210a Higa Kichitaro 
250b Higa Kimiye
92f Higa Margaret
92e Higa Masao, son
231c Higa Matsu
165a Higa Matsusuke
98e Higa Matsutoshi
98d Higa Matsuyo
17Ac Higa Minoru
198d Higa Mitsuko
217e Higa Nabe
165e Higa Nancy F.
231f Higa Nancy Tsuruko
231e Higa Nobuo
217b Higa Otome
250a Higa Ruzo
92c Higa Seitoku, son
165d Higa Seiye
98f Higa Shizue
217d Higa Shochi
575a Higa Shuichi
633Aa Higa Shuichi
250c Higa Tadamori
165i Higa Tasuke
165f Higa Thomas T.
18b Higa Toyoko
240b Higa Tsuruko
100c Higa Ushi
198b Higa Ushi, wife
98c Higa Uto
198c Higa Yeisho
17Ad Higa (Hokama?) Matsu
17Ae Higa (Hokama?) Zinyei
121 Higa Family (no individual names/dates)
98a Higa Family Matsutori, Matsunaye
18a Higa Family Shigeichi
92a Higa Family Yeimei, father
17Aa Higa Family Yuichi
123 Higa Family
100a Higa Family Generations Matsuso
642 Higashikawa Jutaro
581C Higashikuni Kintaro
408b Higuchi Fusaye
408a Higuchi Richard Shigeru
399b Higuchi Robert Shigeru Higuchi Jr.
342 Hirahara K. = Kazuko
4c Hirai Betty Hanako Hirai
4b Hirai Tatsu, mother
4a Hirai Toshiyuki, father
162c Hirano Naotoshi
162a Hirano Tanejiro/Tomejiro
162b Hirano Waki
193 Hirata Shichitaro
664 Hironaka Takejiro's wife Riyo
613 Hirota Jisaburo's 4th son Kazuto
647a Hirota Kikumatsu
442c Hirota Richard Seichi
442d Hirota Shintaro's 2nd dau
442a Hirota Shugetsu Gaijo
647b Hirota Tan, wife
442b Hirota Yorozu
132h Hiyane Hisae
132c Hiyane Matsu
132d Hiyane Shinichi
132e Hiyane Tamotsu
132b Hiyane Taru
132g Hiyane Toshio
132f Hiyane Tsutomu
132a Hiyane Family Toku, Gozei
17Af Hokama Family
494a Hokushin Shintaro, father
494b Hokushin Towa (?), mother
317 Horie A. = Akira
317 Horie George Jyoji
462 Horie Hiromu
317 Horie Kazue
317 Horie Kenji
317 Horie Shigeko
592Cd Hoshino Akino
592Cb Hoshino Haru, wife
592Ch Hoshino Hisao
592Cf Hoshino Kichitaro
592Cg Hoshino Kiichiro
592Ca Hoshino Kumajiro, husb
592Cc Hoshino Mitsuo
592Ci Hoshino Norman Etsuo
592Ce Hoshino Toshi

294 Ichinose Tome, wife/mother
294 Ichinose Yoshigoro, husb/father
211a Iha B. = Bukichi
212e Iha Busho
212a Iha Kanaichi
212f Iha Kiyoko
211d Iha Mitsue
211b Iha Mrs. Kana
212g Iha Richard Yorozu, son
211c Iha Shizue
212b Iha Soei
211e Iha Takeji
212d Iha Thomas Kaoru
212c Iha Uto
318 Ikehara Yoshiko Ikehara
391 Ikeno Gisuke's wife Mune
352 Ikuta Haru, f
361 Ikuta Kichi-?, m
355a Imada Chiyozo
355b Imada Hana, wife
36b Imado Family Shinichi Imado
631b Imai Hina
631c Imai Itasu
77b Imai Kuma
631a Imai Shigeru
77a Imai Family Shinichi
267B Imamoto Donald Peter Jiro
270Ah Imamoto Fusako
270Ad Imamoto Hideo
270Aa Imamoto Kiraku
269 Imamoto Louise Hisako
270Af Imamoto Misuye
270Ag Imamoto Robert Takeyoshi
270B Imamoto Theodore John Teruo
268 Imamoto Theodore Tetsuo
270Ab Imamoto Tokuemon, husb/father
270Ae Imamoto Winifred Michie
270Ac Imamoto Yoshiko, wife/mother
471b Imoto Katsutaro's 1st dau Kimiko
471a Imoto Katsutaro's 3rd son Katsuyoshi
255a Inada Asajiro, father
255b Inada Rishi, mother
255c Inada T. = Takashi
106c Inafuku Kama
106b Inafuku Kenchan
106d Inafuku Masaru
106a Inafuku Family Ushi
80g Inamine Hiroichi
80d Inamine Kama
80c Inamine Kami
80b Inamine Nobue
389c Inamine Seijo
389b Inamine Seimo Kamato (female ancestor?)
389a Inamine Seinin Tsuru (male ancestor?)
80e Inamine Shizue Hutton
80f Inamine Toyoko
389d Inamine Tsuruko
244 Inamine Family (no names)
80a Inamine Family Generations Takeo
7b Inamura Chiyome
7c Inamura George Masatsugu
7d Inamura Mary Chiyeko
7a Inamura Family Bunoichi
381b Ino Joan
444b Inouye Naojiro's dau Hanayo
444a Inouye Naojiro's wife Ichi
394 Ipponsugi Ryuichi's son
67b Irei Guzu, wife
67c Irei Hatsuko, 1st dau
67e Irei Kiyoko, 3rd dau
67f Irei Shizuko, 2nd dau
67d Irei Yukichi, 3rd son
67g Irei Yuko, 2nd son
67a Irei Family Generations Yujo, husb
43c Isa Goze 
120Bc Isa Minoru
43d Isa Shigeru
43b Isa Taru
120Bb Isa Ushi
127b Isa Uto
43a Isa Family Kame, Kami (no dates)
127a Isa Family Seigi
120Ba Isa Family Zenhan
120A Isa Family Generations K. [= Kamado] (no other names)
651bc Iseda Misayo
651bb Iseda Shohei's 1st dau Miyuki
651ba  Iseda Shohei's wife Matsu
507a Iseri Otomatsu
507b Iseri Toyo
626b Ishibashi Chokichi
626a Ishibashi Tamaye
578 Ishida Hiroo/Hiroki
23a Ishida Family Akikazu Ishida, father
215d Ishihara Dorothy Emiko
215a Ishihara Shomatsu
215b Ishihara Sueko
215c Ishihara Ushi
466c Ishii Ann Take Ishii
159c Ishikawa Asayo
160b Ishikawa Fuku, wife
159b Ishikawa Pearl Kiyoko Yomono
160a Ishikawa Senji, husb
159a Ishikawa Yoshikiyo
383 Ishimoto Tokusuke's wife Iye
703a Isobe Heikichi
703d Isobe Hideo
528 Isobe Ito
703c Isobe Kiyono
703b Isobe Tomo
551a Ito Kumataro
441 Iwamoto Asajiro's child
535 Iwamoto
483 Iwanaga Yokichi
451c Iwanaka Kamekichi
451a Iwanaka Shigetaro
451a Iwanaka Shina, wife
451d Iwanaka Shizuko
63Ab Iwasaki Kinuyo
63Aa Iwasaki Family Stanley Hisao
351 Iwata Setsu, wife
532 Izumihara Asajiro
592A Izumihara Asajiro
316c Izutsu Eleanor Haruko
316a Izutsu Kenneth Kunio
316b Izutsu Matsuo

109c Jitchaku Charles Sohachi
109d Jitchaku Henry Soichi
109b Jitchaku Tsura
109a Jitchaku Family Somei

278b Kadekaru Kame
278e Kadekaru Richard M.
278a Kadekaru Sanda
278c Kadekaru Taro
278d Kadekaru Yuriko
674b Kagawa Tokiya
674a Kagawa Torakichi
674c Kagawa Yasuo
593A Kagihara Keijiro
366b Kai Sadaichi
366a Kai Saiichi, m
366c Kai Tsumo, f
616B Kaiura Masae 
602e Kajihiro Daniel Charles Kenneth
602a Kajihiro Naoshiro
602d Kajihiro Natsuyo
602b Kajihiro Ritsu
602c Kajihiro Sadaichi
89b Kajioka Keijiro, husb
89c Kajioka Matsu, wife
89e Kajioka Matsuko
89d Kajioka Yoshito
89a Kajioka Family Hisae
469e Kajiwara Doris
469a Kajiwara Nobuichi
469d Kajiwara Noburo
469b Kajiwara Taka
490 Kajiwara Tomezo's wife Yukiko
469c Kajiwara Toshiko
554a Kamimoto Hisaichi, husb
554c Kamimoto Natsue
554b Kamimoto Shizue, wife
554d Kamimoto Stanley Hisao
41b Kamiya Kame
41a Kamiya Family Seiro
545c Kanehira Fumiko
545b Kanehira Haruko
545e Kanehira Hotaro, husb
545a Kanehira Kiichi
545d Kanehira Miyo, wife
545f Kanehira Sueo "Toast"
75d Kaneshiro George Shigeo
199a Kaneshiro Heisho
214c Kaneshiro Isao
214e Kaneshiro Jeanette F. Nakayama
86f Kaneshiro Joko
86c Kaneshiro Josei
86d Kaneshiro Josuke, husb
86e Kaneshiro Joyei
261 Kaneshiro Kaga
105b Kaneshiro Kamato
103d Kaneshiro Kame
214a Kaneshiro Kame, husb
75b Kaneshiro Kameko
214b Kaneshiro Kami, wife
199d Kaneshiro Kenneth Heihachiro
103b Kaneshiro Kishun
75c Kaneshiro Lillian Sueko
103c Kaneshiro Maka
380b Kaneshiro Masaichi
138d Kaneshiro Mizuko
86g Kaneshiro Nabe, wife
138c Kaneshiro Natsuko
199c Kaneshiro Robert Masaichi
105d Kaneshiro Saburo
103e Kaneshiro Sandra Kayoko
380a Kaneshiro Shunji
148B Kaneshiro Takaesu Tsuru's 1st son Hideo
86b Kaneshiro Tsuyoshi
199a Kaneshiro Ushi
105c Kaneshiro Uto
199b Kaneshiro Yoshiko
138b Kaneshiro Yoshito
214d Kaneshiro Yukiko
105a Kaneshiro Family Bokumatsu
21 Kaneshiro Family Bokutei
75a Kaneshiro Family Kengiyu
103a Kaneshiro Family Kiman
138a Kaneshiro Family Saburo
86a Kaneshiro Family Tsuneyoshi
166c Kanetoku George Akira Kanetoku
166d Kanetoku Kenneth K. Kanetoku
166a Kanetoku Otogoro Kanetoku
166b Kanetoku Sato Kanetoku
166e Kanetoku Takayo Yoshimura
684b Kanno Kiwa
684a Kanno Yasuhisa
601a Kanzaki Eimatsu, husb
601g Kanzaki George Ichiro
601f Kanzaki Kiyoko
601d Kanzaki Masakichi
601e Kanzaki Sumi
601b Kanzaki Yaeko
601c Kanzaki Yayo, wife
61d Kashiwabara Hanichi, m
61c Kashiwabara Hans Hankuro, m
61f Kashiwabara Lucille Setsuko, f
61e Kashiwabara Mura, f
61g Kashiwabara Shigeru, m
61b Kashiwabara Shika, f
61a Kashiwabara Family Kihachi, m
558Ac Katada Giichi
558Ab Katada Mata
558Aa Katada Torakichi
365 Kato Chusei's grave (for his wife?)
713d Kato Kimie
174Ba Kato Shotaro
174Bb Kato Yukino
192Aa Katsuno Asaichi
192Ab Katsuno Margaret Hatsuyo
716b Kawachi Chika, wife
716c Kawachi Hagino
716f Kawachi Kenneth K. Kanayama
716h Kawachi Kent T.
716d Kawachi Michio
716a Kawachi Shojiro, husb
716g Kawachi Wallace M.
716e Kawachi Yoshie Kanayama
425b Kawafuku? Kiichi's wife Kikuyo
264a Kawahara Kyuichi's 3rd dau
264b Kawahara  Steven Tokio
292d Kawakami Akira
292a Kawakami Gontaro
292c Kawakami Sachiyo
589 Kawakami Shotaro
292b Kawakami Yasu
418 Kawamoto Kenshiro
559e Kawana Jane Yoneko Kawana Marugame
559c Kawana Kunio
559d Kawana Masae
559f Kawana Mildred Shigeko Kawana Nishimura
559a Kawana Minoru
559b Kawana Tsuru
287Ce Kawasaki Edward S.
287Bb Kawasaki Fusa
287Cb Kawasaki Helen F.
287Aa Kawasaki Kenneth K. 
287Cd Kawasaki Kikuno
287Ca Kawasaki Masutaro
287Ba Kawasaki Tatsusuke
287Ab Kawasaki Thomas Y.
287Cc Kawasaki Yoshito
82Bc Kawashima Etsuyo
82Bb Kawashima Masaki
530 Kawashima Seisuke
499 Kawashima Tsune
82Ba Kawashima Family Sakichi
149d Kawata Goro, 3rd son
149a Kawata Heitaro, husb
149c Kawata Matsue, 1st dau
149b Kawata Samu, wife
569a Kawatani Sansuke
309b Kawate Hanakichi, husb
309a Kawate Tama, wife
200 Kenneth Kaneshiro Family Kenneth Heihachiro
315a Kido Kyutaro
315b Kido Mutsu, wife
431 Kikuchi Kichibee
714 Kim Won Koo's mother
497 Kimata Chiyotaro
405 Kimoto Kumakichi
582b Kimoto Family Haruno
582c Kimoto Family Miyoko
582a Kimoto Family Taketsuchi
687a Kimura Kiyozo
687c Kimura Natsu
687d Kimura Patrick Koichi
537b Kimura Tadaichi's 1st dau Hatsuyo
687b Kimura Yoshi
464a Kinoshita Mitsuko, f
464b Kinoshita Tetsuzo, m
325 Kinoshita Yoshitaro
539b Kitagawa Fuji
539d Kitagawa Iwamatsu
539c Kitagawa Katsuichi
539e Kitagawa Masaichi
539f Kitagawa Shizuno
539a Kitagawa Yonezo
539g Kitagawa Yonoichi
622d Kitazaki Emiko, f
618B Kitazaki Kiyo
622b Kitazaki Shizuka, f
622a Kitazaki Toyo, m
622c Kitazaki Yasushi/Mamoru, m
241b Kiyabu Kamado
239B Kiyabu Kame
239B Kiyabu Kamezo
241c Kiyabu Kazuo Miyashiro
241d Kiyabu Kimiyo
241a Kiyabu Matsu
239B Kiyabu Shinichi
232A Kiyan Family (Kiyan = Kiyabu)
328f Kobashigawa David Yoshikazu
50b Kobashigawa Fumiye
50d Kobashigawa Irene Kimiko
328d Kobashigawa Jane Sueko
328e Kobashigawa Lorraine Masae
50c Kobashigawa Mack Masanori
328b Kobashigawa Makato
328g Kobashigawa Masako
328a Kobashigawa Taro
328c Kobashigawa Yoshio
50a Kobashigawa Family Shigeo
288b Kobayashi Hanako
288a Kobayashi Hisao
170a Kobayashi Ichinoshin
152a Kobayashi Ichinoshin's 1st dau Tome
152c Kobayashi Ichinoshin's 2nd dau Hinako
152b Kobayashi Ichinoshin's 2nd son Jiro
170c Kobayashi Kazuo
346B Kobayashi Masaki, d. on SS Shunyo-maru off Honolulu harbor
170d Kobayashi Riyono
170b Kobayashi Yasu
454 Kochiyama Yasukichi's child
561b Koga Florence Sumiye
561a Koga Yugoro
560 Koga Yugoro's 1st dau Hiroko
476a Koizumi Genhichi
476e Koizumi Harry Genji
476c Koizumi Hiroko
476f Koizumi Keiko
476b Koizumi Kura
476d Koizumi Masatoshi
326 Kojima Sada, f
2c Kokata Akiko
2e Kokata Francis Minoru
2a Kokata Harutaro
2d Kokata Stanley Chikashi
2b Kokata Tadao
27Ab Koki Kokushu, father
27Aa Koki Family Gisho
484d Komatsu Beatrice Yuriko Uehara
484a Komatsu Kajiro
399a Komatsu Kajiro's 3rd dau
484b Komatsu Kame
484c Komatsu Linda Miyoko Bond
421d Komenaga Chiyoko
421b Komenaga Nobuo
421c Komenaga Sadao
421a Komenaga Takeo
549a Komine Nobu
430c Komiyama Kiku, grandmother
430a Komiyama Kingo
430b Komiyama Yoshi, mother
430d Komiyama Yuzuru, younger bro
44b Komoda Hisa
44c Komoda Stella Haru
44a Komoda Taiji
44d Komoda Yasuo
590 Kondo Take, f, & stillborn baby girl
579 Konno Seijiro
29b Kouchi Ito, wife
29c Kouchi Kimie
29a Kouchi Family Heimatsu, husb
34b Kozohara Miyo Imado
34a Kozohara Family Samuel Isami
413 Kuala Sophire M.
140c Kuba Kamada
301b Kuba Kamada
140b Kuba Ryoson
301a Kuba Ryoson
140a Kuba Family Kuba Ancestors
62b Kubo Hanayo
615 Kubo Haruo
284c Kubo Hiroshi
182c Kubo Hisao
360b Kubo Kiyoshi
284d Kubo Miyuki
284a Kubo Mojiro
182b Kubo Naka, wife
349a Kubo Naoichi, d. on SS Shunyo-maru
360a Kubo Otojiro
701a Kubo Otojiro's 1st son Shigeo
182a Kubo Otokichi, husb
284b Kubo Satona
62a Kubo Tsutomu
137d Kubota Florence Tomiko
137c Kubota Kamato
137e Kubota Kameko Arakawa
137b Kubota Walter S.
137a Kubota Family Shiho
73g Kudo Earl Yoshio
73i Kudo Gary Ken
73e Kudo Henry Susumi
73h Kudo Jiro
73c Kudo Katsu
593B Kudo Kitaro
73d Kudo Masako
73b Kudo Natsuyo
73f Kudo Takeko
73a Kudo Family Yukijiro
581F Kumashiro Yuzuru
599 Kunimoto Sadasuke's wife Yuki
475a Kuniyoshi Kenji
475b Kuniyoshi Shintetsu
470 Kura/Hisaraku Hikozaemon's 1st son Shichigoro
702 Kuraku/Kutara ??-uemon's dau
558Bb Kusunoki Hazel Chiyo
558Ba Kusunoki Kenzo
234b Kutaka Chiyoko
234e Kutaka Kameko, wife
234g Kutaka Saburo
234c Kutaka Shiro
234a Kutaka Shomei, husb
234f Kutaka Shosei
234d Kutaka Tsuruko
188a Kuwaye Kamado
188e Kuwaye Naeko Shimabukuro
188d Kuwaye Roy Ryosei
188b Kuwaye Ryoei
188f Kuwaye Ryojun
188c Kuwaye Ryotoku
188g Kuwaye Tsuru
501 Kuzuhara Chozuke

296A lantern
347 Lopez Mrs. A. Lopez

33b Mabuni Janice Masako
33a Mabuni John Yasuki
33d Mabuni Larry Yoshio
33c Mabuni Myrtle Yuriko
33e Mabuni Sue Sueko
563 Machida Herbert K.
415b Maeda 4th dau Chiyono
415c Maeda 5th dau Aiko
415a Maeda C. = Chokichi
544 Maeda Chokichi's 3rd son Kenji
134b Maekawa Baby Boy
134c Maekawa Zenkichi
134a Maekawa Family Ushi
455 Masamune (no names)
291a Mashida Heikichi, husb/father
291b Mashida Miki, wife/mother
363 Massa John
362 Massa Katsu Ikuta
369 Massa Thelma
614 Masuda Chukichi (or Tadayoshi)
416 Masuyama Yotaro
443A Matsubara Ke (Family)/Zoku (Tribe)
282c Matsuda Akira
282a Matsuda Kamasuke
282b Matsuda Masu
221 Matsui G. = Gihachiro
652c Matsukado Kiyo
652a Matsukado Kotsune Takamatsu
652e Matsukado Masato
652f Matsukado Mildred Yoshiko
652d Matsukado Umekichi
652b Matsukado Yahei
678g Matsumoto Albert K.
153d Matsumoto Ellen Shizue
153i Matsumoto Florence
678e Matsumoto Gary Toshio
678f Matsumoto Harry M.
678c Matsumoto Hatsu
153f Matsumoto Ivan
153c Matsumoto John
678a Matsumoto Juhei
678h Matsumoto June P.
678b Matsumoto Kazuto
153e Matsumoto Koichi
153b Matsumoto Koryo
153h Matsumoto Kosuke
678d Matsumoto Masako
637c Matsumoto Shozo
637b Matsumoto Toramatsu
637a Matsumoto Tori
153a Matsumoto Tsuru
153g Matsumoto Winona
63Be Matsumura Gary Haruo
63Bd Matsumura Jeannette S.
178f Matsumura Kenneth Seichi
63Bc Matsumura Mamoru J.
178b Matsumura Matsue
178c Matsumura Seiji
178e Matsumura Seijiro
178d Matsumura Seiroku
63Bb Matsumura Shizu
178g Matsumura Sue
178a Matsumura Yamato
63Ba Matsumura Family Kanjiro
397c Matsunaga Chiyoko
397a Matsunaga H. = Hirokichi, husb
397d Matsunaga Natsu, wife
397b Matsunaga Takeo
598 Matsuoka Shiji
20 Mayeshiro Family
471A metal fence
154a Mihara Soichi
154b Mihara Tomo
27Be Miji Makato
27Bd Miji Takero
27Bb Miji Unta
27Bc Miji Ushi, wife
27Ba Miji Family Kama, husb
447B Minami Rokunosuke's 2nd son Takeshi/Isamu
600B Minami Yoshitaro
715b Minatodani Hai[?]nosuke, father
715a Minatodani Hirokichi, younger bro
715c Minatodani Kame, mother
715e Minatodani Teruko N.
715d Minatodani Yoichi, elder bro
708Af Mito Alexander Katsuichi
708Aa Mito Arthur Minoru
708Ad Mito Francis Tokuhide
708Ac Mito Henry Isami
708Ab Mito Hinayo
708Ae Mito Lois J.
8c Mitori Masayoshi
8b Mitori Taka
8a Mitori Family Masaharu
168 Miura (new stone, no names on it)
169C Miura (no individual names/dates)
500a Miura Banuemon
169Ac Miura Fukumatsu's 1st son Masakatsu
169Ab Miura Fukumatsu's 2nd dau Chisako
169B Miura Fukumatsu's 3rd son Tadashi
169Aa Miura Fukumatsu's wife Usa
500b Miura Taki
302 Miyahana K. = Kashichi
488 Miyakawa Shoichi
91f Miyasato Choichi
48h Miyasato Cyrus, m
91g Miyasato Janet Haruko
48b Miyasato Kama, m
48c Miyasato Kamada, f
48j Miyasato Mae K., f
91i Miyasato Mainu, Choko's mother
91h Miyasato Matsu, Choko's father
91e Miyasato Mildred Haruko
48g Miyasato Sayako, f
48f Miyasato Seiki, m
48i Miyasato Seiyei, m
48d Miyasato Sosei, m
91d Miyasato Thomas Nobuyoshi
91b Miyasato Tora, mother
48e Miyasato Ushiko, f
91c Miyasato Wallace Chosei
91a Miyasato Family Choko, father
48a Miyasato Family Kama, Kami, Kami (no dates)
644a Miyashita Tsunekichi's 1st son Tsunetsugu
644b Miyashita Yuki, wife
467b Miyazono Chika Nakamura
467g Miyazono Edith Kawano
467i Miyazono Elliot Satoru
467e Miyazono Joyce Chiyomi
467a Miyazono Kuichi
467h Miyazono Larry Kunio
467f Miyazono Mildred Kimie
467c Miyazono Torie
450e Mori Heywood Shoichi
450b Mori Hisa
450c Mori Masao
450d Mori Seiichi
450a Mori Sekizo
628b Morikami Hanpachi
617b Morikami Ichiko, wife
617c Morikami Itsuye, 2nd dau
617a Morikami Junsuke
628c Morikami Misao
628d Morikami Vivian Yoshie
628a Morikami Yoshihiro
23b Morikawa Charles Michio Morikawa
310a Morimatsu Shichisuke, husb
310b Morimatsu Tome(no), wife
341 Morimoto Y. = Yasujiro
452 Morimura Haruichi's wife Kamu
393a Morinaka Hatsu, f
665b Morishige Ichiko
546e Morishige Isamu
665a Morishige Ishi
457 Morishige Keiichi's 1st son Kazuichi
546d Morishige Kokichi, husb
546a Morishige Shoichi
546c Morishige Sode, wife
546b Morishige Yoshio
680g Morita Albert Rodrigues Coelho
680e Morita George
680f Morita Helen Sachiko Coelho
680b Morita Kazue
680a Morita Mankichi
680c Morita Rick Fumio
680d Morita Tamotsu
574a Moriyama Otokichi
574b Moriyama Yasu
640 Moriyama, S. Suetaka
216b Moromisato Kami
216a Moromisato Shinbu
216c Moromisato Shine
586C Motoyama Tomiyoshi
646a Motoyoshi Gensaku
604c Murakami Ayako
481c Murakami Ayako, f
604a Murakami Bunichi
481a Murakami Bunpei's wife Kijiyu
604b Murakami Hatsuyo
481d Murakami Hisako, f
516 Murakami Ichi
486a Murakami Ippachi
82Ad Murakami Kathleen Kazuko Lee
486b Murakami Masao (son)
82Ab Murakami Miki
82Ac Murakami Minoru
604d Murakami Sueo
481b Murakami Yoshio, m
82Aa Murakami Family Noboru
320 Muraki? Hachi-?
438 Muraoka Kokichi
382a Murashige Eisuke's 5th dau Kimiyo
321 Murayama Haruko
116b Murayama Hiroshi
116c Murayama Tetsuo
116a Murayama Family Tokumatsu

224b Nagamine Kame
224c Nagamine Kame, father
224d Nagamine Kami (mother?)
224a Nagamine Rokuro
270Ai Nagano Don Sakae
270Aj Nagano Masako
270Ak Nagano Ronald Haruo
283 Nagaoka Chojiro
164d Nagaoka Fumio
164a Nagaoka Kakichi, father
164e Nagaoka Miyako
164b Nagaoka Tsuru, mother
164c Nagaoka Yuki
596 Nagata Kisaku
296B Nagata Manshichi's 4th son Sueki
150a Nagatani Chukichi
150b Nagatani Tsuya
343b Nakabayashi Kimi
343c Nakabayashi Masako Masuda
343a Nakabayashi Rikinosuke
343d Nakabayashi Tsuruo
299 Nakagaki Baby Paulette
653 Nakahara Sadajiro
239A Nakahara Family (no other names)
594 Nakahashi Tomizo
600A Nakajima

233e Nakajo James T.
233c Nakajo Kunio
233d Nakajo Misao
233a Nakajo Nabe
233b Nakajo Sada
634c Nakama Helen Teruko Kozohara
79b Nakama Jean S.
634b Nakama Kame
634a Nakama Ryobu
634d Nakama Walter Ryojin
79a Nakama Family Kiyoko
633Bc Nakamaru Kayo
633Bb Nakamaru Tsune
633Ba Nakamaru Yoichi
592B Nakamichi Hikoichi's wife Misao
567 Nakamoto Tojiko
172a Nakamura Akira? (illegible)
57Bd Nakamura Amos Shizuo
694b Nakamura Asako
57Bc Nakamura Barbara Ayako
527b Nakamura Chisaku
57Be Nakamura Ellen Fumiko
96c Nakamura Frank Susumu
576Ba Nakamura Fuki
57Bb Nakamura Fumi
505 Nakamura Gorosaku
377b Nakamura Hide
527a Nakamura Hide
699af Nakamura Hisao
576C Nakamura Ishi, Beloved Mother
576Bb Nakamura James Taira
377d Nakamura Jiro
377e Nakamura June Hideko
699ad Nakamura June Kimie
487 Nakamura Kunitaro
699aa Nakamura Mansaku
699ab Nakamura Masae
694a Nakamura Masao
713a Nakamura Masao/Tsugio?, m
96b Nakamura Masue Nakasone
694c Nakamura Nora Tsuyako
459 Nakamura S. = Shizuko
172c Nakamura Saichi, husb
377a Nakamura Sakichi
448a Nakamura Sanzaemon, father
172b Nakamura Shisuyo, wife
699ae Nakamura Sueko
448c Nakamura Takeshi/Isamu, son
699ac Nakamura Tsugio
448b Nakamura Tsuruo, son
377c Nakamura Yoshio
96a Nakamura Family Seitoku
57Ba Nakamura Family Yaekichi
93b Nakandakari Uto
93a Nakandakari Family Yeishichi
107d Nakaoka Bryan
107h Nakaoka Masako
107c Nakaoka Osoyo
107i Nakaoka Ronald Michinori
107b Nakaoka Sue
107g Nakaoka Toshiko
107e Nakaoka Yori
107f Nakaoka Yoshio
107a Nakaoka Family Ichitaro
600A Nakashima Kajiro
649 Nakasone George Shigeo
171e Nakasone Harry Seisho
695c Nakasone Henry Yutaka
695d Nakasone Hilda Hideko
695e Nakasone Ida Hiroko
695a Nakasone James Saburo
171c Nakasone Kamasuke
171b Nakasone Kana
171f Nakasone Mildred
695b Nakasone Mitsuko
171d Nakasone Naeko
695f Nakasone Roy Tokio
171a Nakasone Shojiro
12 Nakasone Family (no names)
243 Nakasone Family
571A natl stone w 2x2 hole for wood post
14c Nishijima Ernest Yoshiyuki
14b Nishijima Matsue
14d Nishijima Ruth Shizue
14a Nishijima Yotaro
566 Nishikawa Kinji's 4th dau Masae
705d Nishimura Arn Rikio
477b Nishimura Bob Morito
440 Nishimura Chujiro's 1st dau
477c Nishimura Eleanor
114e Nishimura Gloria Yasuko Nishimura
114b Nishimura Hide Nishimura
371 Nishimura Ichitaro
114f Nishimura James Jitsuo Nishimura
705b Nishimura Kinu
114g Nishimura Lorraine Yoshiko Nishimura
705c Nishimura Naoji
477a Nishimura Nishitaro
114c Nishimura Richard Nishimura
372 Nishimura Rokuro
114d Nishimura Russell Yoshitaka Terai
705a Nishimura Shichizo
428 Nishimura Suyekichi
114a Nishimura Family Jinsaku Nishimura
113a Nishimura-Terai-Uchida Family
511 Nishiura Kuma-?'s wife Misu
555e Nishiyama Alice Asae
555b Nishiyama Kikuko
555c Nishiyama Kimie
555a Nishiyama Ryoichi
555d Nishiyama Walter Masao
271f Nishizawa  Florence T.
271c Nishizawa  Hajime
271b Nishizawa  Matsuyo
271a Nishizawa  Motohei
271e Nishizawa  Neil H.
271d Nishizawa  Shigeko
118a Nitahara Gontaro
118b Nitahara Isamu
118d Nitahara Misaki
118c Nitahara Shikano

133d Noborikawa "Charlie" Masami
133c Noborikawa Infant children
30c Noborikawa Kama, wife
30b Noborikawa Kame, husb
30d Noborikawa Shizuko
30e Noborikawa Toshiko
133b Noborikawa Ushi
30a Noborikawa Family Kama, Kama, Unta (no dates)
133a Noborikawa Family Ryosei
303b Nobuji Nobuichi
329a Noguchi A. = Asae, mother
329b Noguchi C. = Chotaro, father
591A Nojiri Takejiro
465c Nomura Elsie Umeno Nomura Shinno
465d Nomura Kiichi
465f Nomura Raymond Naoto Shinno
465e Nomura Sky Akio Shinno
465b Nomura Toyo, wife
465a Nomura   K. = Kihei
401 Norimoto? Senpei
155e Noyama Frances Namiko
155b Noyama Hana
155d Noyama Hideo Joe
155c Noyama Nobue
155a Noyama Ryozo
151b Nushida Enji, husb/father
151c Nushida Hoji
151e Nushida Kisayo
151d Nushida Masaru
151a Nushida Toku, wife/mother

479 Oba Shinsaburo, husb
480 Oba Tsuru, wife
696e Oda Fusayo
696d Oda Robt. Akira
696a Oda Ryotaro
696c Oda Sakayo
696b Oda Tomo
76b Oda Yasu
76a Oda Yotaro
334b Ogasawara J.
334a Ogasawara Y.
632b Ogitani Ayano
632a Ogitani Ishimatsu
632d Ogitani Sadie Machiko
632c Ogitani Tadasu
180d Ogomori Hazel Hisae
180f Ogomori John Takaji
180a Ogomori Jungo
180c Ogomori Sakae
180g Ogomori Shizue S.
180e Ogomori Stanley Y.
180b Ogomori Yoshi
700f Oishi Family Audrey Hisako
700e Oishi Family Chieko
700b Oishi Family Hatsuyo
700c Oishi Family Kametaro
700d Oishi Family Komae
700g Oishi Family Richard Teruyuki
700a Oishi Family Shigeno
265b Okabayashi Matsutaro, husb
265a Okabayashi Mitsu, wife
266b Okabayashi+Saito Henry Juji Okabayashi
266a Okabayashi+Saito Mae Namie Okabayashi
189a Okada Isao
189b Okada Masuko
673a Okahara Akinosuke
673c Okahara Hatsuyo, 1st dau
673b Okahara Rimu
673d Okahara Ryuichi, 2nd son
379 Okamoto Hikoemon
564a Okamoto Kimiyo
437 Okamoto Shiwo
585e Okamura Edith S. Yoneda
585d Okamura James Takio
447A Okamura Kansuke's 1st son Sadao
549b Okatani Yasuji's 1st son Shigeyasu
94c Okawa Bert Masaru
94d Okawa Daisy Hisako
95c Okawa George Isaku
95b Okawa Katsu, wife
94b Okawa Masayo
95d Okawa Thomas Goichi
95a Okawa Family Kasuke, husb
94a Okawa Family Richard S.
682b Okayama Fumiyo, wife
682a Okayama Motokichi
591B Okazaki Kokichi
402a Okihiro Iwataro
402b Okihiro Riu
402c Okihiro Shogo
557b Okimoto Chiyoko
557d Okimoto Fred Toyosaburo
557e Okimoto Hachiyo, 1st dau
557c Okimoto Harold Tadao
557f Okimoto Michiko, 4th dau
557a Okimoto Yutaka
254b Okinaka Asako
254c Okinaka Michiko
254d Okinaka Richard T.
254a Okinaka Seikichi
417 Okubo Rokuji/Kaji
101Bb Okuma Hiram Seiko
101Bc Okuma Ronald Seigi
101Ac Okuma Seiki
101Ab Okuma Steven Takao
101Bd Okuma Tsuru
101Ad Okuma Uto
101Ba Okuma Family Jira
101Aa Okuma Family Saburo
247 Omine Family no names
10b Omura Shiyo
10a Omura Family Juichiro
40b Onaga Harue
40c Onaga Karen Yaeko
40a Onaga Yoshio
139 Onaga Family (no names)
606 Onishi Otomatsu's wife Tona
577 only base/slab
713c Ono Beloved Sister of Nobuichi, Masuru, Akie Ono-Shozuya, Asae Ono-Kitano
523 Ono Shinmatsu
36a Ono Family Edward Chiyoshi Ono
390 Osaki George
552 Osawa Otomatsu
1c Oshiro Alice Teruyo
1e Oshiro Betty Hiroko
56c Oshiro Chester Mitsusue
58d Oshiro Choki
13a Oshiro Chosei
13c Oshiro David Taro
58g Oshiro Ellen
58f Oshiro Ethel
58e Oshiro Gilbert
84c Oshiro Glenn Tatsumi
176 Oshiro Goro
58c Oshiro Gwen A.
22c Oshiro Herbert Takeo
236c Oshiro James Kintaro
84g Oshiro Jiro, Kamado, and children
13b Oshiro Kama
84f Oshiro Kama
236a Oshiro Kamazo
1b Oshiro Kameko
84d Oshiro Kana
84b Oshiro Kay Kikue
56b Oshiro Lillian Mitsue, wife
13e Oshiro Lillian Oshiro Rich
54b Oshiro Masako
22b Oshiro Mitsu, wife
84e Oshiro Niwa
236b Oshiro Nobuichi
84h Oshiro Okinawa ancestors
55b Oshiro Olga Ochiyo
1d Oshiro Toshiharu
1a Oshiro Toshio
13d Oshiro Tsuruko
58b Oshiro Uto
84a Oshiro Yuzen
58a Oshiro Family Choki
55a Oshiro Family Kosuke
56a Oshiro Family Mitsuo, husb
54a Oshiro Family Ritoku
84a Oshiro Family Thomas Jinsei
22a Oshiro Family Toku, husb
112 Oshiro Family Ancestor Generations K. [= Kamado] (no other names)
64d Otsu James Masanao
64e Otsu Jane Fumiko
64c Otsu Masatoshi
64b Otsu Mume, wife
64a Otsu Family Yotaro, husb
270Al Ouchi Alice Suyeko
270Am Ouchi Larry Kiyoji
148Cb Oyadomari Haruko
148Ca Oyadomari Motomitsu, m
148Cc Oyadomari Motomune
148A Oyadomari Tsuru, f
286 Oyafuso Tsuruko
285 Oyafuso empty, moved to 286
629 Oyakawa Family
474g Oyama Akio
474l Oyama Edna Keiko
474m Oyama Ethel Eiko
474d Oyama Hatsue, wife
474a Oyama Ihachi
474i Oyama Keiko Matsuzaki
474j Oyama Masaru
474f Oyama Mitsuko
474e Oyama Mitsuo
474b Oyama Momo
474k Oyama Rodney Shizuo
474c Oyama Tatsuhiko, husb
474h Oyama Tatsuichi
472 Ozaki Reiji
324b Ozaki Reiji's 2nd son Masashi

350 Paalan Pablo, Beloved Father
281 Peris Pablo

60Ca R. Shimabukuro Hideo
60Cb R. Shimabukuro Kameko Muramoto
525 Ri/Yi/Lee 李 Byeonggwan

656a Saito Eiichi, m (sousei 'early death' over Bname)
656a Saito Kii, f (Sanskrit over Bname)
396a Sakaguchi Ichizo, father
396d Sakaguchi Mitsue, m
396c Sakaguchi Miyoko, f
396e Sakaguchi Natsu, mother
396b Sakaguchi Tokuo/Norio, m
115e Sakai Ethel
115b Sakai Mitsugu
115d Sakai Tomatsu
115c Sakai Toyo
115a Sakai Family Tahachi
449g Sakaitani Florence Tsurue
449d Sakaitani Fujiko
449c Sakaitani Kiyoko
449f Sakaitani Shizue
449a Sakaitani Tamekichi
449b Sakaitani Tomo
449e Sakaitani Yoshiko
49c Sakamoto Asako
49d Sakamoto Charles Hiroshi
251h Sakamoto Frances Kimiko
251f Sakamoto George Shigeru
251a Sakamoto Gonpachi, father
49e Sakamoto Hisasuke
251c Sakamoto James Masato
251i Sakamoto James Torao Iwai
410 Sakamoto Kengo
49b Sakamoto Kichi, wife
251j Sakamoto Matsue Iwai
251g Sakamoto Matsuko
251e Sakamoto Patricia Shimeko
251b Sakamoto Sumi, mother
251d Sakamoto  Harry Kazuo
49a Sakamoto Family Yasujiro, husb
639c Sakata Koyo
571 Sakata Takeko
639a Sakata Tamotsu
639b Sakata Toshimasa
639d Sakata Yoshio
245e Sakihara Chiru
245g Sakihara Hiroko
245b Sakihara Kamado
245c Sakihara Kame
245i Sakihara Kendall
245h Sakihara Seijiro
245a Sakihara Seiken
245d Sakihara Seiko
245f Sakihara Seitaro
586A Sakurazawa Eikichi
311c Sanada Janet Fusae
311a Sanada Junsaku, Father
311b Sanada Kimi, Mother
609 Sato Kenji 
434 Sato Shotaro's wife Masa
565 Sawamura Yoshimori
534 Sawara Kichisaburo's 1st dau Setsuko

646b Segawa Hakujiro
367 Seiki T. = Toyokichi
69 Sekimoto Katsutaro
277Ac Sekiya Kimie
277Aa Sekiya Kumajiro, father
277Ab Sekiya Sei, mother
277Ad Sekiya Yoshio
461a Shibata Kumakichi's 1st son Takashi
461c Shibata Kumakichi's 2nd dau Akiko?
461b Shibata Kumakichi's 2nd son Satoshi
548d Shidaki Henry Wasuke
548e Shidaki Matsue Shitagi
548a Shidaki Matsuhei
548b Shidaki Momu
548c Shidaki Tomeko
588c  Shigemoto Fujikazu/Toichi, 1st son
588d Shigemoto Fumito, 3rd son
588e Shigemoto Katsu/Masaru, 4th son
588a Shigemoto Katsushiro, father
588b Shigemoto Tane, mother
167c Shigenaga son
167b Shigenaga Taka, mother
167a Shigenaga Tarokichi, father
78b Shiira Harlene E.
78a Shiira Family Frank Masao 
145 Shikina Family (no names)
74b Shikiya Ushi
74a Shikiya Family Koyei
60Bh Shimabuku Chieko Shimabukuro
60Bj Shimabuku Elton Ichio
60Bg Shimabuku Fusae
60Bf Shimabuku Hatsuko
60Bi Shimabuku Infant
60Bd Shimabuku Kami
60Bc Shimabuku Rinsei
126 Shimabuku Shinkichi
60Be Shimabuku Toyoko
60Bk Shimabuku Tsuruko
60Bb Shimabuku Ushi
60Ba Shimabuku Family Rinsei (Rinsei Shimabuku Family)
60A Shimabukuro Gijin
205d Shimabukuro Hisako
60A Shimabukuro Kamata
630b Shimabukuro Kamato
248a Shimabukuro Kame
248d Shimabukuro Kamei
248c Shimabukuro Kanazo
60A Shimabukuro Mae M. Shima
60A Shimabukuro Mark Shima
205a Shimabukuro Matsu
248b Shimabukuro Matsu
205c Shimabukuro Matsuichi
60A Shimabukuro Rinkichi Shima
630a Shimabukuro Sanra
205b Shimabukuro Ushiya
248e Shimabukuro Yukiko
72 Shimabukuro Family Kana
60A Shimabukuro Family Oharu
400f Shimada Ellen Asaye
400d Shimada Herbert Satoki
400b Shimada Kamo
400a Shimada Matsutaro
400e Shimada Melvin Satoru
400c Shimada Shizuto
376 Shimamoto Shimataro's 2nd son Shigeo?
83c Shimamura Moriyoshi
83b Shimamura Umito, wife
83a Shimamura Family Kamazo, husb
68b Shimokawa Fui, wife
68a Shimokawa Inokichi, husb
68c Shimokawa Shigeru, 3rd son
709Ab Shimoko Kimiko
709Aa Shimoko Mitsuru
709B Shimoko Mitsuru's 2nd son Katsu
611f Shindo Jean Sachiko
611b Shindo Kazuso
611e Shindo Riyu (mother?)
641 Shindo Seisuke
611d Shindo Sukeso (father?)
611a Shindo Tokiko
611c Shindo Tomiko
611g Shindo Torao Tom
174Ac Shinsato 3rd son Giichi
174Aa Shinsato Kama, husb
174Ab Shinsato Kamado, wife
130b Shinsato Kana
130d Shinsato Kiyoshi
130c Shinsato Zensei
130a Shinsato Family Zensuke
460 Shintaku Yasutaro's 1st dau
46c Shiohira Rishin
47c Shiohira Satoei
47d Shiohira Sue Shizue
46b Shiohira Tsuruko, wife
47b Shiohira Uto
47a Shiohira Family Kamado
46a Shiohira Family Satokichi, husb
508 Shiotsu Yasaburo
651a Shiraki Yonetaro's 2nd dau Yukie
230b Shiroma Jinsei
230a Shiroma Kama
230c Shiroma Sadako
230d Shiroma Ushi
24b Shobu Chikae
24a Shobu Family Enichi
584b Shozuya Akie
584c Shozuya Arthur Kunio
580 Shozuya Kunitaro
583 Shozuya Kunitaro's wife Neju
584d Shozuya Mildred Miyoko
584a Shozuya Family Yasuichi
381a Sonoda Stacey M.
419f Suenaga Sueko
570c Sugimoto Haruyo, wife
570d Sugimoto Kenjiro
581A Sugimoto Kuju
570f Sugimoto Lily Takiko
581A Sugimoto Majiyu
570e Sugimoto Sumi Shimizu
570b Sugimoto Teiichi, husb
570a Sugimoto Yonekichi Shimizu
581A Sugimoto Yukiko
581A Sugimoto Yukio
540a Suhara Gensaku's 1st son Masato
540b Suhara Ichiji
542 Suhara Takeo
387a Sumida Mitsuyo
453 Sumida Yukino
650 Sunahara Buntaro's wife Miyo
419d Suyenaga Jack Taro
419e Suyenaga Julia Matsue
419b Suyenaga Mine, wife
419a Suyenaga Santaro, husb
419c Suyenaga Tatsuo
646e Suzuki Hachitaro
612 Suzuki Kikutaro's 1st dau Ei
711 Suzuki Kikutaro's wife Yae
573 Suzuki Mitsuko (Shunosuke's wife)

119 Taba Koji
344a Tachibana John Masao
345d Tachibana Kakujo
344b Tachibana Lillian Masaako
345a Tachibana Masato, m
345e Tachibana Mito, f
345c Tachibana Mitsue, f
345b Tachibana Shizuyo, f
489 Tachikawa Hatsuyo
463 Taga Toramatsu's 3rd son Akiyoshi
90b Taira Hatsue
90d Taira Lorrin Yoshimitsu
90c Taira Roy Masaru
90a Taira Family Zendo
179b Taira Uchiuebaru Kamado
179a Taira Uchiuebaru Kame
179c Taira Uchiuebaru Masaru, Pvt 442 L Co.
179e Taira Uchiuebaru Wilfred Masaichi, 442 medic
179d Taira Uchiuebaru Winifred Emi
144 Takaesu Family (no names)
242 Takaesu Family (no names, just home village)
348c Takafuji Hideo
619A Takafuji Hidesaburo (or Shusaburo)
348b Takafuji Kenichi
619B Takafuji Kita, wife
619Ca Takafuji Shigeichi
348a Takafuji Shuzaburo
348d Takafuji Takeo
619Cc Takafuji Takeo Shigeno (Y's father?)
619Cd Takafuji Taneyo Shigeno (Y's mother?)
619Cb Takafuji Yoshiko
293b Takahashi Gin'ichi, father
556Ba Takahashi Katsu
273b Takahashi Kin
273c Takahashi Masao
610 Takahashi Sanjiro
273a Takahashi Seitaro
293c Takahashi Shizue, mother
117d Takahashi Takemichi
117e Takahashi Takeo
293a Takahashi Tora (ename on ped)
117b Takahashi Tsuruyo
117c Takahashi Umeno
117a Takahashi Family Tomijiro
280 Takaki Maizie M. = Mitsuyo
679 Takamatsu H. [= Fuji 夫次]
259c Takamiyashiro Chiyo
259a Takamiyashiro Jitsujin
259b Takamiyashiro Ushi
313b Takano Satsu
313a Takano Yonesaku
190f Takara Eddie Yushin
163h Takara George
163f Takara Haruko
163g Takara Jane Itoe
163c Takara Kana
163b Takara Kitoku
190g Takara Kiyoko
190b Takara Moshi
190d Takara Shizue
163d Takara Tokiko
190a Takara Ushi
223a Takara Ushi
190c Takara Walter Hiroshi
190e Takara Yoshio
163e Takara Yuki
223b Takara Yukiko
228 Takara
163a Takara (Miofuya) Toyo
207g Takara (Nakasaku) Fred Sadao Takara
207c Takara (Nakasaku) Harry Keikyu Takara
207f Takara (Nakasaku) Henry Masanobu Takara
207h Takara (Nakasaku) Jean Misao Takara
207b Takara (Nakasaku) Kama Takara
207d Takara (Nakasaku) Shigeko Takara
207e Takara (Nakasaku) Thomas Masao Takahara
207i Takara (Nakasaku) Wesley Hiroshi Takara
207a Takara (Nakasaku) Yama Takara
690d Takasane Helen Yoshiko Taira
690c Takasane Hideko, Yosuke's wife
690e Takasane Juichi
690b Takasane Kane
690a Takasane Yosuke, Hideko's husb
314 Takayasu Manuye Takayasu
156b Takemoto Tane
156a Takemoto Tsunetaro
427a Taketa Fukujiro
337b Taketa Hiroshi
337a Taketa Ichiroji
427c Taketa Kenichi
427b Taketa Yuki, wife
424 Takiguchi Asaichi
357A Takiguchi Katsuto/Masato
289a Takiguchi Tadao, father
289b Takiguchi Yoshi, mother
227c Takushi Don Masao Sawato, son
227d Takushi Hisashi Kikuchi, son-in-law
227a Takushi Kama, father
227b Takushi Kamado, mother
227e Takushi Yoshio Takushi, son
38 Takushi Family
186c Tamanaha Fujin
186a Tamanaha Fuwa
186d Tamanaha Fuwan
186e Tamanaha Kama
186b Tamanaha Kana
191d Tamashiro Chokichi
191b Tamashiro Choko
191h Tamashiro Ernest S.
129d Tamashiro George N.
208a Tamashiro Kama
129b Tamashiro Kamado
208b Tamashiro Kamei
129a Tamashiro Kanshiro
208d Tamashiro Minoru/Makoto/Sane
191f Tamashiro Muta
129c Tamashiro Nobuto
191a Tamashiro Pechin (scholar-officials): Chikudon and son, Mrs. Chikudon
191g Tamashiro Robert C.
208e Tamashiro Saburo
208c Tamashiro Shigemori
191c Tamashiro Ushi
191j Tamashiro Wayne S.
191e Tamashiro Yoshio
191i Tamashiro Yuriko
263h Tamura Charlotte Takae
263g Tamura Herbert Koichi
263c Tamura Jitsue
603B Tamura Kimie
263a Tamura Masajiro
568 Tamura Masajiro
263e Tamura Mindru
263f Tamura Sadayo
263d Tamura Vicky Kupihea
263b Tamura Yuki
627a Tanabe Tamayo
627b Tanabe Yasuichi
685a Tanaka Chokichi (soul)
423 Tanaka Chokichi/Nagayoshi's wife Chiyo
635a Tanaka Hisaichiro, father
685f Tanaka Irma Itsue
685d Tanaka James Masato (soul)
571 Tanaka Keizaburo
685g Tanaka Kelvin Sadami
685b Tanaka Kimie
685e Tanaka Martha Kikuye (soul)
551b Tanaka Matsutaro's 1st dau Hatsuyo
537a Tanaka Rinzo's (?) 1st son ?-ichi
685c Tanaka Ryoichi
635b Tanaka Taka [Yamane], mother
6b Tanaka Family
335 Tani Shizuye
676c Taniguchi Cindy Tatsuko
676d Taniguchi George Masaichi
676b Taniguchi Hana
676e Taniguchi James Minoru
676a Taniguchi Mitsuzo
709Cc Tateishi Haruko
709Ca Tateishi Tetsuzo
709Cb Tateishi Yuki, wife
276d Tengan Betty Yasuko
698 Tengan George Shojun
276c Tengan George Teigin
35b Tengan Masei, wife
276a Tengan Matsu, husb
276b Tengan Matsu, wife
35d Tengan Shigeo
125b Tengan Yasuko
35c Tengan Yuke Hung Say
125a Tengan Family Kamekichi
35a Tengan Family Matsuro, husb
671a Terada Morizo
671b Terada Ura 
671b Terada Violet C.
113b Terai Russell Yoshitaka Terai
295a Teruya Kame
201 Teruya  *
295g Teruya  Alice Akiko
295h Teruya  Chiyoko
295i Teruya  Doris Fumiko
295d Teruya  Dorothy Teruko
295j Teruya  Eugene Masayuki
297c Teruya  Harry Koichi
297d Teruya  Hideo
297b Teruya  Kamado
295d Teruya  Kamato
295f Teruya  Masamori
295e Teruya  Richard Masaichi
295c Teruya  Robert Eisho
297a Teruya  Toku
220 Texiera Robert
32i Tobara Clara Otome
32b Tobara Kame
32f Tobara Kana, f
32e Tobara Kikan, m (喜貫)
32d Tobara Kitei, m
32c Tobara Nabe
32h Tobara Samuel Saburo
32k Tobara Shizue
32g Tobara Ushi, f
32j Tobara Yoshiaki
32a Tobara Family Chirazu, Kame, Kame (no dates); Kishu (喜執) Family Ancestor Generations, 10/31/1983 (on front)
686aa Toda Akijuro
686bc Toda Clarence Masao
686bd Toda David Toshiyuki
686ba Toda James Tadao
686be Toda Ronald Masaru
686ab Toda Yuki (wife)
686bb Toda Yukiko
175b Tokoro Sadako
175a Tokoro Takeshi
456 Tokumaru Toshiko
354 Tokumoto S. Tokumoto
319d Tokunaga Fusayo
319c Tokunaga Kensaku
319b Tokunaga Shima
319a Tokunaga Torajiro
587A Tokunaga Yutaro
620 Tokuyama Haruko
272b Tokuyama Owari
272a Tokuyama Tasaburo
102a Toma Chester Mitsuo, grandson (Hawaii)
253d Toma Edwin Kunio
253a Toma Hideo
102a Toma James Yasukame, son (Hawaii)
102a Toma Katherine Haruko Kogami, dau (Hawaii)
253c Toma Matsuru, wife
102b Toma Mou, mother (Okinawa)
102e Toma Paul Kamematsu, son (Hawaii)
102a Toma Rachel Lahela, wife of James (Hawaii)
102a Toma Richard Shunichi, son (Hawaii)
253b Toma Shisei, husb
102d Toma Yasukichi, son (Hawaii)
102c Toma Yasuo, son (Okinawa)
102a Toma Family Yasuhichiro, father (Okinawa)
3 Tomb, no stone
142c Tome Hideo Tome
142b Tome Kamado Tome
142d Tome Yasumori Harold Tomi
142a Tome Family Kama Tome
39 Tome Family Robert Kamematsu
42f Tomei Baby boy
42c Tomei Kame
42b Tomei Masamichi
42d Tomei Shigemichi
42e Tomei Shigeo
42a Tomei Family Kame
246 Tomei Family no names
689a Tomioka Eihachi
689d Tomioka Kiyoshi
689g Tomioka Matsue
689c Tomioka Sadao
689f Tomioka Tom Takeo
689b Tomioka Yuki
689e Tomioka Yukinobu
466b Tomita Akiko
466a Tomita Takeo
691aa Toyofuku Isao
691ab Toyofuku Suetsuki
6a Toyooka Family
336a Tsuchida Mokichi
336c Tsuchida Sumie
336e Tsuchida Thomas Tadakazu
336d Tsuchida Yachiyo
336b Tsuchida Yoshi
108 Tsukenjo Family Hirokichi
707m Tsunoda Hiro
707n Tsunoda Sadamoto
562 Tsunoda Yoshiko
324c Tsuru (Gisuke's wife?) Taka
324a Tsuru Gisuke
502 Tsuru Gisuke's wife Yoshiyo
643 Tsushima Jay F.F.
45b Tsutsumi Ruth Miyoshi
45a Tsutsumi Family Fumio

113c Uchida Clara Sumi Uchida
262d Uchihara Charles Shigeru
262e Uchihara Emily Eiko
262b Uchihara George Shigenobu
262a Uchihara Shizue
262c Uchihara Yamato
262f Uchihara Zenichi Richard
290b Uchima Beatrice
290a Uchima Joseph Hiroshi
290c Uchima Stephanie Yuki
53b Uchino Torata, husb
53a Uchino Family Yone, wife
131b Uechi Oto
131c Uechi Shobu
131d Uechi Shobu's wife
131a Uechi Family Shogu
128g Uehara Erwin Sadao
128b Uehara Fukujiro, Kamado
128c Uehara Genjiro
128e Uehara Gentaro
128d Uehara Kana
128f Uehara Matsu
260d Uehara Maushi
218 Uehara & Takara Nakama Shinzoku ("partner families")
128a Uehara Family Fukutaro, Uto
260a Uehara+Maegima John Hiromu
260c Uehara+Maegima Kame
260b Uehara+Maegima Paul Choki
146b Uema Family Shitoku's 2nd son Shiro
146a Uema Family Shitoku's 4th dau Kimiko
446a Umeda Matsuo's son Sanshiro
406 unmarked upright
37g Uyechi Clarence Yasuhiro
70c Uyechi Edward Kotaro
70g Uyechi Fumiko

70h Uyechi Chester Seiko
37e Uyechi Harumitsu
70e Uyechi Hiroshi
37b Uyechi Kamado
70b Uyechi Kamado
37c Uyechi Kame
70d Uyechi Kosei
70f Uyechi Seitaro

37d Uyechi Ushi
37f Uyechi Yasui
37a Uyechi Family Anki
70a Uyechi Family Taro
672b Uyeda Ishi
672a Uyeda Kanichi
187d Uyeda Matsu
187c Uyeda Tetsuo
196j Uyehara Doris H.
181d Uyehara Doris Tomoe
196i Uyehara Henry Y.
181c Uyehara James Gimi
196a Uyehara Kame
196b Uyehara Kimiko
196k Uyehara Margaret
197 Uyehara Miyachi Family (no names)
196c Uyehara Ota
196e Uyehara Oto
196h Uyehara Paul Y.
196d Uyehara Saburo
196g Uyehara Seichi
196f Uyehara Shizuko
181a Uyehara Taro
181b Uyehara Yoshi
229 Uyehara Ancestors Menanzato relatives all together (on side)
9c Uyema Hajime
66c Uyema Kama, f
9b Uyema Kama, mother
66c Uyema Masao, m
9d Uyema Shigenobu
66b Uyema Shigeru, m
71 Uyema Shiyu
66a Uyema Family Shiki, m
9a Uyema Family Yeitoku, father
135b Uyeunten Matsu, father
135a Uyeunten Family Haruko, mother
26c Uyezu Ansho
26b Uyezu Nabe
26e Uyezu Yasunobu
26d Uyezu Yone
26a Uyezu Family Anyei

359 Wakida Shozo
646d Watanabe Saburo
646c Watanabe Tomekichi
300 Watanabe Wilfred Minoru
495h Wauke Doris Sachiye
495i Wauke Jacob Shigeo
495a Wauke Jiro
495e Wauke Kenneth Kenjiro
495b Wauke Maka
495f Wauke Masako
495d Wauke Matsue
495c Wauke Minoru
495g Wauke Satoru
585f Wight Jennie Hanako

87b Yakabi Tsuru
87a Yakabi Family Saburo
308 Yamada Ei
308 Yamada George M.
654c Yamada Harry Shigeo
308 Yamada Hazei K.
308 Yamada Hazel U.
308 Yamada James K.
581B Yamada Kiichi
654i Yamada Linda Shigeko
654h Yamada Miyoko
654d Yamada Priscilla Kinuyo
654b Yamada Robert Yoshio
654a Yamada Shintaro
654f Yamada Shizuko
654g Yamada Sueko
654e Yamada Tsuru
308 Yamada Urajiro
136 Yamada Family (no individual names)
587B Yamaguchi Kitaro's wife Fukuno
693 Yamaguchi Sataro's 2nd son
252 Yamamoto B.K.
384 Yamamoto Chikao
633Be Yamamoto Hina
633Bd Yamamoto Hisakichi
392 Yamamoto Kuichi's (?) wife Tama
305 Yamamoto Shizuko
435 Yamamoto Yosaku
675h Yamamura Edna Keiko Nosaka
675i Yamamura Georgine Sumiye Watanabe
675f Yamamura Harry Shoso
675a Yamamura Katsumi
675g Yamamura Margaret Ota
675b Yamamura Misayo
675e Yamamura Robert Sadao Sr
675c Yamamura Tatsuo
675d Yamamura Tokuo
491 Yamanaka Hatsumi
657Ba Yamanaka Kamekichi (on front & rt side)
378 Yamane (no name or date)
158c Yamane Kama
158d Yamane Kamazen
322 Yamane Masatsuchi?
158b Yamane Mitsuko
158a Yamane Seiji
683a Yamasaki Gentaro
683b Yamasaki Matsuyo
668 Yamasaki
356B Yamashiro Unosuke
356A Yamashiro Unosuke's wife Maji
31b Yamashita Ethel Hatsuyo
553 Yamashita Henry
616A Yamashita Hikosaburo's 3rd dau Hanae
31a Yamashita Family Toshio
15 Yamura Family
677b Yanagihara Chie (wife)
677a Yanagihara Douglas Rokuichi
704d Yanagihara Fusano
704g Yanagihara Hanako
704f Yanagihara Haruyo
704h Yanagihara Iichi
704i Yanagihara Jisaku
704c Yanagihara Natsuyo
681ba Yanagihara Rokusuke
681aa Yanagihara Shin'ichi
704j Yanagihara Tamayo
704a Yanagihara Tamezo 
681bb Yanagihara Tatsu, wife
704b Yanagihara Tome
704e Yanagihara Tsuruko
681ab Yanagihara Yoshiyo
605 Yanehiro Masakichi/Masayoshi
65d Yano Marietta Sachie
65c Yano Sen
65b Yano Shizue, wife
514 Yano Taka (hiragana)
65a Yano Family Joseph Sadaki, husb
493b Yasuda Family Sasano
493a Yasuda Family Tadashi
386 Yasumoto Matsu, Shosaku's wife
357B Yat C. W. = Chun Wa (陳華)
660A Yatsu Ichisuke
697c Yogi Hisako
524 Yogi Jiro
51b Yogi Kameo
51c Yogi Seiko
697a Yogi Shinho
697b Yogi Yasuko
51a Yogi Family Kame
257 Yokoyama Takashi
28d Yomen Diane Sumiye
28b Yomen Sute
28c Yomen Thomas H.
28a Yomen Family Juichi
585b Yoneda Haya Ueno
585a Yoneda Ikujiro
585c Yoneda Kanekichi
370a Yoshida Joichi
648 Yoshida Kotaro
370d Yoshida Lillian Kim
370b Yoshida Rika
624 Yoshida Setsu
621 Yoshida Toshio (Kotaro's 2nd son)
370c Yoshida William Goro
667 Yoshikane Toichi
88b Yoshikawa Mune, wife
88a Yoshikawa Family Ancestors Chusaku, husb
492a Yoshimura Gunzo
517 Yoshimura Shotaro's wife Tsune
492c Yoshimura Thomas Katsuto
492b Yoshimura Yoshiko
52c Yoshino Clarence Masaji
52b Yoshino Doris Umeyo
5d Yoshino George H. 
5c Yoshino Guy Hisao
429 Yoshino Hana girl
5b Yoshino Kimiyo, wife
5g Yoshino Laine Kimi
5f Yoshino Lester Saburo "Sub"
5e Yoshino Rick Masumi
433 Yoshino Tsunetaro
5a Yoshino Family Masuo, husb
52a Yoshino Family Wayne Akira
161a Yoshioka Hatsutaro
161b Yoshioka Kei, wife

204h Zakahi Ethel Kiyoko

204i Zakahi Jack Takeshi
204a Zakahi Kashin
204d Zakahi Masaru
204e Zakahi Ochiyo
204f Zakahi Richard Yoshio
204b Zakahi Usa
204g Zakahi Yoshie
204c Zakahi Yoshikiyo
59g Zakimi Kame, wife
59f Zakimi Saibo, husb
59b Zakimi Saijo & Tsuru (husb & wife)
59e Zakimi Saikichi
59c Zakimi Sairo
59d Zakimi Tsuruko
59a Zakimi Family Saigi & Uto (husb & wife)
398 Zanami Francis Kaichi

192B empty

203 no stone
232B empty?
277B empty row end
298 broken concrete open space

340 scattered rocks

​346A empty
346C empty


404 concrete slab

409A pile of stones stones MAKAI OF B

409B collapsing fence
412 scattered rocks

420 curb joined on slab w Suenaga

422 layer of stones

443B large pile of stones

461d concrete slab & scattered rocks

464c rough black stone
468 scattered rocks
504 scattered rocks
512 scattered rocks
513 scattered rocks
515 scattered rocks
518 scattered rocks
519 scattered rocks


526 lg stone in space
543 pile of stones


569b wood frame

597 fence only
659B  empty

661 slab

669 fence

691b scattered rocks

​706d pile of stones
706e scattered stones

710 wooden fence & space no marker space?

713b rocks and jar Y (Ann's uncle)

​curb, broken post​​


         and the Moiliili Japanese Cemetery Beautification Project