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​The Moiliili Japanese Cemetery Beautification Project volunteers have been working to make the over-100-year-old cemetery a garden spot. We have refurbished everything we can through the kind funds from our donors. Some of our additions are the 556-foot wall, washing stones, stone seating, and many plumerias, manila palms, and ohia trees, as well as desert roses, and ti plants. 

The last big refurbishing we need to do is to repave the driveways/pathways. The fact is, the driveways/walkways have become very dangerous with huge pot holes and bumped-up old asphalt. We would like a safe walking surface for the elderly folks who come to leave flowers for their ancestors, and school children who walk through the cemetery on their way to and from home. The cemetery is a quiet, peaceful spot for the Moiliili community and others who stop by. We hope the repaving will be last for another 50-or-more-years. All the funds raised will go directly to the repaving.  Any remaining funds will be donated to the Moiliili Community Center (a social service agency).

We believe that the repaving will begin in April 2019 and we will have to pay the company soon after that time. We continue to be so grateful to our donors (families, neighbors, and international visitors, etc) whose support made it possible for our over 5 years of beautification efforts, and now we will be truly grateful to you, the gofundme individuals, who can help us complete the final part of our community project. Thank you.



         and the Moiliili Japanese Cemetery Beautification Project